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The Online Scams of the Decade

As businesses and individuals get deeper into the digital age, many people take advantage and flees the innocent and that is why cybercrime associated cost is expected to rise to $2 trillion in 2019. Among the many ways they are using to flees the innocent is through online scams which are very prevailing right now. As a business or an individual, it is very important to be more informed about what is happening to avoid being a victim because they will some people are falling prey to such as comes. Given in this article are some more info on different online scams of the decade.

The Nigerian Letter also known as “The Nigerian Prince ” is one of the infamous methods of scamming money online. You will receive an email from a wealthy individual from West Africa who wants to transfer some account overseas because of the death of the tycoon. It will promise you to give you at least 20% of the money deposit in your account and if you come to an agreement with them will start asking you for monthly installment for the purposes of taxes, bribes and legal fees. This is how they are able to impersonate your information you need to be more careful.

As you also rely more and more on applications, scammers are also designing that makes of stealing from you from selling to your fake applications. It is so, is it to be confused when it comes to the buying of applications because they all seem very credible and functioning for the first time that is why you need to be more informed when it comes to purchasing applications. The are able to impersonate information in the sense that after buying the application need to enter personal data set is your birthday, payment card data and password.

There is also the free Wi-Fi especially when you are in public networks which you can avoid by all means. This is because today the scammers are able to create free hotspots and that is how they lure you. The same case will apply what comes to purchasing high school diplomas online because there are criminals that are out there exploit you. You need to discover on how you can get the diploma very fast without falling prey of the conmen and you can get more info on this article and how you can do it. You also need to watch out for phishing emails of websites that impersonate information like for PayPal so that they can access your information.

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