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Factors to Consider when Looking for a Church

According to most people, the purchase of a house is the life-defining decision. It may be true to some extent in the physical world. One decision that has an eternal impact is choosing where your children are going to learn about religion and serving the Lord God. A glance at internet search statistics will show you how much people are desperate to find a good church for them and their family as it is among some of the most searched things. These people are either moving from one place to another, new believers who want to choose a good church or established Christians who want to make the right choice. There are many reasons why you would look for suggestions on how to find a good church such as moving to a different location, a newly converted Christian looking for a place to practice their faith or a long-serving Christian seeking to make the best choice. When you find yourself in such a situation, you need to step back and consider a few factors to ensure that you are making the right choice especially for the young members of your family.

Ask yourself if the church is right for you. You need to be sure that it meets the biblical description of a church. You should note that there is no one time that you are going to come across a church that is perfect in every sense. You must, therefore, seek God’s intervention and the leadership of the Holy Spirit to guide you during your search. It is essential to find one where the contribution of your family members is going to be valued and fits in well so that you are all comfortable being a part of it.

Investigate its foundation. The Bible categorically states that a wise man’s home is built upon rock whereas that of a fool is built upon sand. The stability of the foundation is what determines the direction and durability of the structure in times of storm. A church also fall in line with this. The church should maintain a proper view of the biblical teachings and draw inspiration and inerrancy from the scripture. Their position when it comes to critical matters linked to Christianity like the virgin birth, the death of God’s son, His resurrection and his ability to forgive all our sins through faith and grace alone. If they hold particular ideas that are right to the Christian way, make sure they put them into practice.

Look at the surroundings carefully. The feel of the church depends on the environment as some may feel inviting while others may have a grim atmosphere. This environment also reflects on the attitude of the believers it holds. Apart from taking God seriously, the church (starting from the leaders) should promote Him in all they do. If you have children, it is wise to find a church with an environment where they can comfortably learn about the ways of Christianity.

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