Jewellery Design Awards Again With A Bang!

Created for retail jewellers, manufacturers, wholesalers and salespeople, the Magazine offers insider information on the most recent in business commerce and current affairs. It is invaluable to anyone attuned to the industry, wanting to be on the forefront of key developments and developments in jewelry and watches. Sherry Smith breaks down retailers’ performance final year, including Jewelery News how pure diamonds fared vs. lab-grown. But the spike in counterfeit sales may have one thing to do with how brands themselves are pricing and advertising their products. Tracking the origin of a gem back to the mine is a notoriously difficult problem however new sanctions on Russian diamonds are set to radically transform the jewellery trade, requiring “mine-to-finger” traceability in key markets.

  • One of the perfect jewellery metals to invest in the modern-day contains gold.
  • SAMUEL ORD displays on the model’s history and details the highway ahead.
  • The Eka Mia Luca piece is from a group by the Italian brand Fope.