Divine Government Of God

Government Enterprise Records must be filed on all companies that choose to function within the United States. With these revelation of the reality, the Son of Man and Son of God is a portrayal or disguised solely by God (JESUS CHRIST), the Savior, the creator of heaven and the earth, the Almighty Father, to cover or veil His true identification as the appointed time will not be but at hand – He revealed this only to His disciples and camp of the saints.

sixteen:1-21) – which are the wrath of God: for these are the powers of heavens, which the angels of God will cast upon Babylon, The Great (the government of Man) and Thriller Babylon, The Great (false churches of Man) – to dissolved and destroy them unto their end from the hearts and lifetime of the sons and daughters of Man.

After the 1,000 years will the LORD GOD destroy all that is in heaven and on earth, as prophesied in 2Peter three:10 “However the day of the Lord will come because the thief within the night time; within the which the heavens shall go away with a terrific noise, and the aspect shall melt with fervent warmth, the earth additionally and the works which can be therein shall be burned up”.government

The 1,000 years of the Divine Government of God will likely be characterized by nice abundance, peace and happiness just about converting the Philippines a paradise the place all the riches of the world will pour and folks of the world will come and go to to have style of paradise; the Philippines is among the Camp of the Saints (8-10p.fifty seven TSST) ruled by the true Jesus Christ and can also be one of the powerful nation, whom God created as His weapon to silenced the weak nations on the earth; and the Philippines, the one Beloved City (Rev.20:9) is the isle of God in the Far East – whereupon is found the 1) fountains of living waters on the earth; 2) whereupon can also be discovered the brand new power for the nations; 3) also discovered the water of life on the earth and where the Government of God, the tree of life on earth is found.government

After the Government has received all the knowledge that it wants as a way to assign you your individual Government business registration data, you might be good to go. This assigned number will stay with you the entire time that your corporation is operational.government