Think Like Your Client – Raise Your Accounting Firm’s Standards

Think Like Your Client – Raise Your Accounting Firm’s Standards

Think Like Your Client – Raise Your Accounting Firm’s Standards

If you were shopping around for a CPA, would you hire your firm? Would you be able to find your company listing in a search?

Are you qualified?

Organizations like UCPAA often compare firms to help future clients decide which is the best for their needs. Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of how you stand:

  • Do you have the expertise necessary to advise a niche business?
  • Do you have enough staff to be available as often as necessary?
  • Are your fees competitive, and do you provide enough value?
  • Are you ready to deal with an IRS audit?
  • Are you relatable and comfortable asking crucial questions?
  • Would you confidently recommend your firm to someone you love?

Is your firm visible?

The bulk of modern business searches are usually online, so have quality listings with online directories like Yelp! and Google My Business.

Ads in local newspapers can reach a broad swath of potential customers. If your firm has a specialized client base, targeting those specific periodicals may be more effective.

Social media can be a great way to engage the clients you already have continually, and perhaps pick up a few new ones on the road. Regular posts to a business page on a site like Facebook don’t have to be strictly industry-related and can keep you relevant with current trends.

Once you can adequately answer these questions, your firm will likely attract like-minded clients who you will find easy to satisfy.…

5 Popular Concealed Carry Options for Women

Choosing to conceal carry is a big decision for an individual to make, and it takes a lot of time and effort to know where to start. Once you’ve finished taking concealed carry permit classes and you’ve chosen the appropriate concealed carry gun for your body type and needs, you will need to consider the best way to conceal your weapon. Here are five popular types of women’s concealed carry clothing to consider.

1. Purse Carry

Many women enjoy the benefit of not having to change their wardrobe in order to conceal their gun when choosing to purse carry. There are many purses designed to make accessing your gun in an emergency as easy as possible. However, this method of carrying can be less effective than others and requires you to never let your purse out of your sight.

2. Bra or Undershirt Carry

Another option for women is to purchase a bra or undershirt designed to hold a gun securely in place. Some garments might place the gun on the side of the body while others hold the gun in the middle of the chest.

3. Ankle Holster

If you are wearing jeans or long pants, you might to put on an ankle holster. You can opt for a soft or hard holster that allows you to quickly reach towards your ankle and access your firearm.

4. Belly Band

Another common concealed carry option is a belly band or corset holder. Many women enjoy how this allows for comfortable carrying under tight clothing. Many bands will allow the gun to be placed either on the front or back depending on the garment and wearer’s preference.

5. Thigh Holster

One of the best concealed carry clothing items for women wearing a dress or skirt is a thigh or garter holster. This allows the wearer to quickly reach up their dress and pull out their firearm.…