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Advantages of Marijuana Ligalization

Planting marijuana or using the marijuana or even selling it has for a long time been illegal and when finding doping either, you are running the risk of getting charged with a criminal case and being charged. The perception of a lot of people have been changed with the legalization of marijuana in many states recently. The legalization of marijuana in some states are benefiting the particular states that have legalized it than those that have not done so yet. The article below gives some of the important reasons why you should legalize marijuana.

The first benefit of legalizing marijuana is it helps in eradicating the black market thus helping to improve the security level. When the marijuana is illegal, there will always be those dealers who sell the marijuana in the black market, this is risky because for the dealer to be in possession of the marijuana which means that they have a link with other drug dealers which is risky and increase the level of insecurity of the country. Legalizing marijuana will help you reduce the rate of insecurity because the sell of marijuana will be licensed and thus doing away with the black market that had the criminal drug dealers thus helping you in reducing the crime rate.

The safety control of marijuana and the quality of marijuana is increased when you legalize marijuana. Since alcohol and tobacco has been legalized, there have been some safety, a measure put in place for the users to reduce the high risks that the users may face, this also helps in improving the quality of the tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana consumption will be able to be regulated and safety measure put in place to help protect the consumers of the marijuana. When marijuana is illegal, it medicinal exploitation was not maximized because of the lack of access to marijuana, its legalization guarantees the full medicinal exploitation of marijuana because of its availability.

In the previous years, a lot of time was wasted looking for marijuana users and dealers limiting the police time to take care f the other serious crimes, legalization of marijuana will help give more time to the police and courts to take care of the other cases. Apart from that, legalization of marijuana also helps in giving the government tax and revenue that can be used by the government in development projects. When marijuana is legalized, the dealers will be paying tax to the government which is a source of revenue for the government. The drug dealership that was the cause of most violence in most streets is reduced when marijuana is legalized thus making the streets safer for everyone. You are able to make a wise decision when in supporting the legalization knowing the benefits of the marijuana legalization.